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Itzik Naftagi, Petah Tikva
"... nothing to say you're number one recommends warmly and lovingly and there is someone to talk to if there is a problem ..."
Racheli Weinberger, Hod Hasharon
"... Miraculously - within 40 seconds I see 6/6. Like many good ones - I also trusted Assuta Optic for excellent recommendations which I received ..."
Iyad Ganim, Sakhnin
"... You guys are awesome, thank you very much for everything. A big thanks to Ibrahim Darna" Sakhnin "Your Sakhnin branch owner who has helped me greatly in pre-operative surgery and testing ..."
Osnat Asraf, Hod Hasharon
"... Highly recommend, Assuta Optic's good service and attitude, I wanted to thank you for a great service to Professor Irit Bachar and the whole team. It was really easy! The results I feel so much better honestly I would heartily recommend ..."

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    Since its foundation in Tel Aviv over 70 years ago, the Assuta hospital has come a long way;

    today, the Assuta Company runs medical centers, private hospitals, diagnostic institutes and outpatient clinics all over the country, from Be’er Sheva in the south, and up to Haifa in the north.

    Assuta provides advanced, wide-scale private medical services while maintaining quality and medical safety to the strictest level. Assuta leads in medical technology and maintains the quality of service provided to its patients, doctors and the medical staff without compromise.

    Assuta is committed to excellence and strictly maintains the patient’s, as well as his family’s satisfaction, comfort, and respect.

    Laser vision correction

    Assuta Optic specializes in laser eye surgeries for laser vision correction, using the most advanced technology. The surgeries are done by senior eye surgeons, with years of experience in the field and thousands of patients. Some people suffer from different visual impairments over the years and find it hard to see clearly, drive, watch T.V or the computer screen, recognize street signs, etc. In order to have their vision fixed and improved, they must turn to an ophthalmologist for this treatment.

    Laser laser vision correction Treatment

    The laser vision correction treatment, as opposed to the laser eye surgery for glasses removal, is neither painful nor invasive. During the treatment, laser devices correct the cornea or the retina, thus allowing better vision, with no need to wear glasses. Many people choose to go through this laser vision correction treatment due to their belief that if they don’t, their vision will get worse in the future.

    In order to have a good laser vision correction treatment, you need a professional ophthalmologist, of course, who knows how to do it right. He must, first of all, diagnose the problem as it is, and then decide what the best course of treatment.


    In this method, the treatment takes place not on the surface of the cornea, but within its inner layers. This is done by cutting the upper layer of the cornea. There are several optional techniques for this procedure: LASIK, SUPER LASIK, and IntraLASIK. They all include the cutting of the cornea, and the difference between them is in the thickness of the upper layer and the cutting method. During the Intralase procedure, the cutting is done with a laser. In the Superlasik method, the upper layer is thinner, which minimizes the required thickness for the treatment.

    Assuta Optic provides a variety of solutions for visual impairment. About 25% of people wearing glasses aren’t suitable for laser treatment. In those cases, there are other ways of treatment that provide the right solutions for the different types of impairments.

    The FERRARA Method of Intracorneal ring Implantation

    This is the most advisable solution for those who suffer from the irregular cornea, Keratoconus or severe Astigmatism. Thin, invisible rings are inserted into the cornea, where they change its curvature extent and provide it with flexibility, which immediately improves the vision. Another advantage of this method is the fact that it is reversible: the rings can be either replaced or removed.

    Intraocular Lens Implantation

    In cases of high Myopia (-10 and above), Hyperopia (+5 and above), or extra thin corneas, lenses can be implanted under the cornea (at the front of the eye), or at the back of the eye. The main reason to recommend this treatment to people with high degrees is maintaining the strength and wholeness of the cornea, and the fact that this process is reversible: the lenses can be removed, if necessary, or replaced. Strabismus Correction by Laser

    People who suffer from Hyperopia and accommodative strabismus can choose the LASIK treatment, which has been proven as extremely effective for strabismus correction (for both short and long distances). Papers published in the U.S.A, Spain, Mexico, and Israel show that the LASIK treatment has been proven as safe, and has achieved better results than strabismus correction using glasses.

    Cosmetic procedure - surgery

    Designed to correct vision and release the patient from the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. The procedure is performed using a thin laser beam. This is a safe process approved by the large medical organizations in Israel and abroad.

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    Assuta has achieved its leading position in the medical field in Israel based on its commitment to provide its patients with nothing but the best doctors. Senior surgeons and the best specialists in Israel prefer working for Assuta and enjoy the benefits of skilled staff and advanced, sophisticated equipment at their disposal.

    The medical staff in Assuta is comprised of the best professionals in the field of vision repair and glasses removal, headed by ophthalmologists with great experience in vision repair surgeries using different methods and techniques and thousands of satisfied patients.

    The compatibility tests are done by the surgeon himself, to get to know the patient completely, his state of health as well as his eye structure. To match the exact parameters to the treatment, the surgeon also collects subjective details during the patient’s examination, such as his profession, habits, age, and expectations.

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    Assuta provides an extensive and advanced array of private medical services while maintaining the highest quality and medical safety. Assuta is a leader in medical technology and maintains the quality of service for patients, doctors and the entire medical team. Assuta’s activities guide a commitment to excellence and uncompromising adherence to the satisfaction and well-being of the patient and his family.

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