Dr. Rita Lavie Sturch

Specialist in ophthalmology, corneal diseases and laser surgery to improve vision

“The key to success in laser surgery to improve vision lies in the surgeon’s knowledge and experience, with accurate preoperative evaluation and matching the type of surgery to the patient’s data.

Dr. Rita Lavie Sturch is a graduate of Hadassah Jerusalem School of Medicine (1980), an ophthalmologist at Rambam Hospital in Haifa (1991), with a specialization in corneal diseases and laser surgery (1987-1989) from Har- Sinai and Manhattan Eye Diseases Hospital New York, USA.

An internship during which she partnered with Prof. Trautman (one of the greatest corneal surgeons), for the first laser eyeglass removal surgeries performed in the world, an internship during which she won a FIGHT FOR SIGHT scholarship for the study of vision.

Dr. Lavie Sturch is one of the leading laser surgeons in the country, with over 20 years of experience and thousands of patients. Research work at the annual meetings of these organizations In 1994, she co-founded one of the first laser institutes in Israel at Laniado Hospital in Netanya, and also served as the institute’s medical director.

In 2003, she was one of the founders of the Israeli Department of Refractive Surgery and has been a senior ophthalmologist specializing in corneal diseases at Maccabi, Meuhedet and Clalit Health Insurance Institutes for over 20 years.

Dr. Lavie Sturch has devoted a great deal of time to researching and promoting laser surgery to improve vision. Yes, Dr. Lavie Sturch took part in refining the PRK surgery to TRANS PRK: which allows the removal of the epithelial layer of the cornea using only the laser beam, in fact, without any contact at all. These developments now make it possible to treat, in an effective manner with long-term confidence and almost painlessly, even those with relatively thin corneas.

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