The Procedure

The procedure must meet with the diagnostic staff.

Only after having learned the patient's suitability tests are the most important step. The Assuta medical staff is committed to strict medical ethics and credibility.

Above all financial considerations, we provide laser eye surgeries for glasses removal strictly to those for whom this treatment can be suitable and helpful.


Anyone considering this medical details and performed a strict suitability test, shall we inform the patient of his suitability for this kind of treatment.


During these stages you will meet the surgeon, and the meeting will include a suitability test and diagnosis, using the most advanced medical equipment. This meeting is an hour and a half long, during which a comprehensive examination is performed in order to check your general health status, as well as the eye condition.


The Medical Center optometrist arranges a comprehensive test in order to diagnose the personal optimal vision you can achieve through the therapy.


During the meeting, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your health status. It is extremely important to fill it out accurately, and inform the doctor of any changes or recent vision problems. In addition, it is important to remove contact lenses before arriving to the exam, to avoid incorrect results of the procedure.


People who wear hard contact lenses are required to remove them at least a week before the exam. Soft contact lenses should be removed two days ahead. The suitability test also includes a coordination of expectations between the patient and the doctor.


It is an opportunity to ask all the questions you have.

Day of the surgery

After you’ve successfully passed all the examinations and have been found suitable for the surgery, you are invited to the laser treatment.

A two-hour stay at the clinic is recommended (no need to worry, the treatment itself takes about 30 seconds for each eye).


It is advisable that you wear comfortable clothes and avoid using makeup and cosmetics two days ahead.


After the administrative procedures and receiving post surgical instructions, you are brought into the preparation room.


In this room a nurse prepares you for the surgery by dressing you in a robe and a cap, cleaning your face thoroughly and sterilizing the area of the eyes, and in the end – anesthesia, using eye drops that anesthetize the eyes, and antibiotic eye drops.


This does not affect your vision, you can see during the whole procedure. The nurse leads you to the treatment room and lays you down on the bed.


The laser treatment isn’t painful at all. The medical staff in the room includes the doctor, the nurse and a technician.


During the whole treatment the doctor talks to you and explains the different stages of the surgery for glasses removal.


Once the treatment of the right eye is finished, there’s a short break.


The details of the other eye are entered into the laser device, then there’s a double check of data matching by two of the staff members, and they can move on to the other eye.

When the procedure is over, the doctor places medical contact lenses on your eyes (without any degree), and applies several kinds of eye drops.


The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes, and afterwards the nurse will give you instructions on how to use the eye drops.


An appointment will be set for the removal of the lenses and for a post surgical examination by the doctor.


Do arrive with a person who will drive you back home. We recommend you not to have plans for the rest of the day, and to spend it at home.


A slight burning sensation might occur, as well as a feeling of a foreign body in the eye, tearing and disorientation.


Those sensations are natural and expected. Using eye drops for anesthesia according to the instructions will make you feel better.